Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Horses Mouth

Ladies and gentlemen; Torchwood is fast approaching. Posts like this are about to become commonplace, as the series gears for it's expected launch at the end of October.

This month's Starburst Magazine has an exclusive interview with writer and co-producer Chris Chibnall. I've only managed a sneak piece of the article, but I did find a few secrets out:

1: Episode two "New Girl" begins with a meteorite crashing. The special effect was constructed by the geniuses at the Mill, and Chibnall assures us that it's quite a sight.

2: Chris is writing four episodes this series, and clearly having a blast.

3: Like he was for "Life on Mars" before the series broadcast, Chris is incredibly nervous - a fact not helped by people calling "End of Days" the series finale, instead of the season finale as it should be called! But Chris is incredibly optimistic, and this shines through in the interview.

4: Nobody is quite sure when the series will debut. Tell us something new!

And that's all I can remember from my ultra-quick flick through of the magazine. But fear not, it's on sale now, so go out and buy yourself a copy. And treat yourself to an early fix of "Torchwood".
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