Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Interviewing The Man Himself

SFX Magazine are interviewing John Barrowman by phone this very Friday, and on their forum are offering readers the chance to submit a question to ask Mr. Barrowman himself.

Click here to enter the forum and post a question.

In other news, today saw my now infamous monthly jaunt down to the local WHSmith to buy Doctor Who Magazine. This month's edition features very few Torchwood items, but it does feature some extra special news...


Noel Clarke's script is now confirmed as being called "Combat", and the series finale (by Chris Chibnall, and not Russell. T. Davies like originally thought) is confirmed as "End of Days". However, this is only a previsional title...

In other news, Cath Tregenna is confirmed as writting a second episode for the series. But Torchwood's shedule is now so choc-a-block, I have no idea when to expect that particular episode on screen. I'll have more on this overcrowding episode order very soon.

Until next time guys, gals and Weevils.
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