Thursday, September 21, 2006

Spin Offs All Round

As members of the Innuendo Squad gear up for the - one month away! - transmission of Torchwood, production continues on the two other Doctor Who spin-off series, K9 The Series and the Sarah-Jane Adventures.

Following the recent press release following Sarah Jane Adventures, Outpost Gallifrey reports on the latest developments surrounding K9 The Series:

Park Entertainment, the television distribution agent associated with the Jetix-produced K9 Adventures spin-off, has further details of the upcoming series on its website. Among the website's list of "projects in development" is a section headed "K9 - The Series", which describes the premise and lead characters for the series as follows: "Somewhere in the future… An old Prairie class spacecraft is drifting towards distant stars. She is The 'Platte,' once used for the colonisation of Asteroids. On board are SLOCUM - mid-thirties, rugged, taciturn who thinks of himself as a dealer in valuable commodities - others would say he just collects junk! He is a loner – a space gypsy! It's the only way he knows. He's in no hurry to get anywhere and he stays well off the beaten track. And DJINN - a V997 (F), an overactive computer module in the shape of an attractive young woman. She was programmed by the ship's previous owners to provide stimulating conversation. Something that SLOCUM would happily change if only he had knowledge of her operating codes! Together they discover an apparently abandoned battle cruiser. Whereupon they meet K-9! The adventures begin ..."

Now, come 2007 we'll have four (count them!) Doctor Who dramas* on television.

They really are spoiling us!

*If you count K9 The Series as a drama!
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