Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fabulous Torchwood

As evil_demandred pointed out, Torchwood is featured in TV Zone Special 72 which is out at the moment and features an interview with the producer Richard Stokes. He confirms that Torchwood will be HD and says it'll look "fabulous". In case anyone is interested, "gambrinus" on OG'a "Torchwood NOT going to be in HD?!" thread reports that they were using a Sony HD750 camera.

You can read an abstract of the TV Zone article here which is mostly spoiler free. (The Institute has published some of the spoilers revealed in the article about the first few episodes) There are no new pictures in the article but there are some much bigger versions of the ones we've seen so far.

Also on OG, "fatpaddykillah" posted some links to photos on the "Torchwood - Series 1 Photo Posting and Set Reports" thread:
They are apparantly from the filming of Out of Time, which is listed in the "confirmed so far" section of the TV Zone article.
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