Sunday, September 10, 2006

Enduring Indira

One regular actor on the diverse Torchwood team we haven't talked much about is Indira Varma. This actor with Swedish and Indian heritage will be playing a character with the very British sounding name of Suzie Costello. She was confirmed as a regular in the most recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine. Way back in May, Jack posted a big spoiler about Suzie which you can review if you dare.

She was born in Bath and got her start in a film called Kama Sutra: A tale of true love in 1996. She has also been in the films Basic Instinct 2 and the forthcoming Sex & Death 101. So with that experience she should feel right at home at the Institute. (And yes, if you want to do a search there are plenty of nude photos of Indira online for those who are so inclined. I know this of course only because I accidentally ran across them and consequently averted my eyes)

Of course Indira has done 'family-friendly' material on TV as well and looks to be much in demand of late. Last year she starred with David Tennant in the live remake of The Quatermass Experiment on BBC4. She was also recently in the BBC/HBO joint production Rome and will play Dr. Adrienne Holland in a 2007 CBS midseason-replacement series about neurosurgeons called 3 lbs.

With all these straight-laced parts on her schedule, let's hope Tantric Torchwood gives her a chance to return to her wild roots.
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