Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Audience Appreciation

Whilst late night reading last night, I spotted these on ITV's Teletext Pages, and BBC's Ceefax. They are comments made by audience members about Sunday night's premeire episodes:


"Torchwood on BBC 3; fantastic, highest ever ratings for non sport show on digital TV proves its quality. Thank you so much for sexy sci-fi" - Lawrence, Bournemouth.

"I just finished watching the first episode of Torchwood. Fantastic. I am totally hooked. John Barrowman is totally gorgeous." - Ceri, Tredegar.

"Torchwood - brilliant. Can't wait for next week." - Kim, Coventry.

"I thought Torchwood was utter rubbish; bad acting, irritating characters, and the 2nd episode was a gratuitous attempt to be adult entertainment." - Lucy, London.

"Torchwood, wonderful. Best thing since the first Dr Who." - Pat, Larkfield.

"Can't believe you have only had one text in praise of Torchwood. Come on, now be fair, there was mine for a start!" - Pat, Greenhithe.

"Wow! How amazing was Torchwood? It's great to see Jack back, and I'm loving Gwen Cooper." - CG.

"How great is Torchwood? It's going to be the best television spin-off since Angel!" - Dan.

"Just watched episode two of two of Torchwood. I hope they're going to pay Joss Whedon for ripping off the plot of an Angel episode." - Dave, Doncaster.

And that's just some of the comments I've heard - with more no doubt set to follow tonight.

What's interesting about these comments is the fact that they're published by television channels themselves. So, for instance, the BBC will use them as feedback to se how viewers react to the new series. Most of the above comments were very positive, so the BBC should be happy. Other recent shows, like the new Robin Hood, have proved much more of a mixed bag.

There's always the possibility of the production team reading such comments. Whereas they are a little weiry of reading internet blogs and forums, I've heard that teletext / ceefax information is some times passed on directly to them. So, keep your comments coming in - they may help to improve Torchwood as the production team iron out any faults. Result!

Finally, it's been known that some programmes with low ratings have been saved from cancellation due to positive audience reaction. Well, Torchwood already has extremly high ratings - so such positive comments can only help push the BBC Executives into making a decision sooner. Can't it?

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