Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Want To Know Some Secrets?

A few days ago, the latest copy of SFX Magazine landed on my doorstep - with lots of Torchwood related goodness inside. But, out of respect for the magazine's team I decided not to reveal a lot of what was said.

But now that the magazine has been released across the land, at all good newsagents, it's about time I fill you guys in on some juicy gossip!

Here's lead writer Chris Chibnall's episode guide for the all series. BEWARE OF SPOILERS folks!

"Episode One: It starts with a body. PC Gwen Cooper's at a crime scene: what she sees there will change her life forever. Russell doesn't mess about with this opening episode - you'll meet every regular cast member within four minutes of the start. Add in rain, helicopter shots and a Weevil. Director Brian Kelly has done a wonderful job."

"Episode Two: Probably our cheekiest episode: an alien the like of which you'd never get in Doctor Who! This episode features some stunning FX work by The Mill: from a meteorite swooshing through the Cardiff sky to the alien itself. And there's a lovely guest performance from Sara Gregory as Carys."

"Episode Three: A brilliant central idea from Helen Raynor, a cracking chase through the streets of Splott expertly marshalled by director Colin Teague and guest performances from John Normingham and Garteh Thomas. Helen gives us more Gwen and Jack action and a delve into the mind of Owen Harper. What more could you want?"

"Episode Four: By this point, you'll have got to know the rest of the team pretty well. But Ianto's still an enigma. This episode sheds a little light on that. It starts with a game of basketball in the Hub and descends into all sorts of mayhem."

"Episode Five: Typically creepy, typically British: disturbing events in the Cardiff suburbs prompt Torchwood to investigate. This also touches on aspects of Jack's past: can't say any more at this stage!"

"Episode Six: This looks like it's going to be a bit scary. Richard Stokes made the mistake of reading the first draft after midnight and has neverforgiven me. This has the pre-titles sequence I most enjoyed writing. Out in the Brecon Beacons, the team encounter horrors beyond their imagining..."

"Episode Seven: This episode centres on Toshiko and her place in the team. When she's given an alien artefact, Toshiko's calm, ordered world is thrown into chaos."

"Episode Eight: Another episode full of surprises, hopefully. Torchwood take drastic measures to track down a serial killer. I think it's fair to say there's no other show on British television that would do this story in this way. It's completely thrilling."

"Episode Nine: Jacquetta's episode is a bittersweet tale of a man called Eugene who's always been interested in Torchwood. So when he finds himself saddled with a unique problem, Eugene knows who to look for: Gwen Cooper."

"Episode Ten:A beautiful episode by Cath Tregenna: a masterclass of great writing and acting. Three great guest performances from Louise Delamere, Olvia Hallinan and Mark Lewis-Jones. This is heartbreaking stuff which particularly puts Jack and Owen through the emotional wringer."

"Episode Eleven: A rough, tough episode from the talent of Noel Clarke. This episode is a tour de force from Burn Gorman. And another chance to see the terrifying Weevils, as designed and bulit by Millennium FX."

"Episode Twelve: Lots to keep under wraps about this episode, but it's another lovely script from Cath Tregenna. The question at the heart of this episode: who is Captain Jack Harkness?"

"Episode Thirteen: And even more secrets to keep in this episode!Chaos and death on a grand scale, that's all I'm saying. It's the end of the first series: so plenty of surprises in store."

There's more gems inside the magazine, which is out now priced £3.99.

Go on - it's calling out for you!
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