Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Come Visit Woodieland

The Wales Tourist Board is predicting the masses will be heading to Cardiff soon to pose for pictures in front of the Millennium Center and hunt down all of the locations 'as seen on TV' in Torchwood.


So I will pose the question: Do you think the secret entrance to the Hub in front of the water tower will become more popular than Big Ben with the tourists soon? Has Torchwood encouraged you to change your vacation plans? Feel free to comment if you will be backpacking it to the Basin.

And in your daily online Torchwood news roundup: The links today are too numerous to share (about a dozen reporting how the show broke the digital ratings record) but of particular interest is a very long analysis of the show in the Gay publication AfterElton, two great interviews with Eve Myles in Irish Developer and SFX, and finally the Stage has a nice roundup of posted reviews of episodes 1 & 2 across the blogosphere.
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