Monday, October 23, 2006

Clash Of The Titans

Last week, Sky One broadcasting snatched American drama "Lost" from Channel 4 - with the promise of showing the new third series earlier than expected.

Sky One's lived up to their promise, and Lost returns on November 19th...In the same time slot as Torchwood!

The two series will be going head to head in a adult-oriented 10pm slot. Clearly, Sky One's going to advertise their sries like hell, to try and draw in as many viewers as possible (after all, they want to make a return on the £20 Million they've already invested). So, the big question is: can Torchwood survive against such an established "giant"?

Torchwood may be the "new kid on the block" where broadcasting is concerned, but it's also on a free-to-air channel (Lost isn't). Therefore, more viewers can access the series. And lets not forget that Torchwood was spun-off from one of the most recognisable brands in British television, Doctor Who. That fact alone may be enough to draw curious first time viewers in...

By the time Lost year three begins to air on November 19th, five full episodes of Torchwood would have aired on BBC Three. Audiences will hopefully have become so addicted to Torchwood that they'll scratch their heads asking "Locke who?". Fingers crossed anyway...

I guess it really doesn't matter. Torchwood will be repeated (to a wider audience) on Wednesday evenings anyway.

The power of British television at the moment - we don't let giants like "Lost" stand in our way!
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