Sunday, October 22, 2006

Don't Ask About The Bouncer...

So. It's Sunday - the slowest day of the week. A day when absolutely nothing (nothing I tell you!) happens. But strangely, today is different - because I've got something fantastic to wait for.

So, if that's the case, wht is time going slower than usual?


Today I've tried keeping myself busy; to keep my mind occupied away from the "it's-now-less-than-24-hours" countdown. To do this, I've done some strange things that I wouldn't normally do.

I've cooked the dinner (a rare thing in my home), washed the pots, and prepared desert. In that order too - meaning I had to re-wash some of the pots after desert. I clearly didn't think that one out!

I've also managed to catch up on my viewings of Lost - having downloaded the first three episodes of sesaon three off of itunes. Well, I might as well, because I won't we watching them on television any time soon, especially after Sky One bought the rights off of Channel 4. I would say how much I loved these new episodes, but this is a Torchwood site, not a Lost one. So...I'll shut up right now!

Anyway, I've been busy scrolling the internet for Torchwood news. I've finally got round to listening to John Barrowman's appearence on Radio 2, and I've visited Digitalspy, to find information on episode two, "Day One". Highlight for spoilers.

The 'adult' tag really comes to the forefront in episode 2 - airing straight after the premiere on Sunday - as the gang deal with a young woman possessed by an alien (accidentally set loose by Gwen) who kills young blokes by shagging them and absorbing their climactic energy. Look out for more development of the other characters, including their lack of knowledge about Captain Jack's back story, a full-on lesbian snog and Owen starkers. And a bouncer masturbating.

Which raises some interesting questions. Should children be watching Torchwood? In one respect, it is spun-off from their favourite family series. Looking at it in another light though, episode two does feature some elements that may lead to children asking awkward questions like "Mummy - why's Captain Jack trying to dance with that woman lying down?".

Going off what we know about "Day One" so far, it might be a little too (how should I put this????) naughty for younger children. Of course, parents know better than anybody what their children should or shouldn't be watching - so it's entirely up to you guys if children do watch.

One thing I might suggest though is taping the episode first, and re-watching it back to see if the episodes are "child-friendly". Going off what I've seen already, it might not be entirely what you'd call family viewing...

There. Writing this post took about twenty minutes. That's twenty minutes less until Torchwood debuts!

We're counting down folks.

Enjoy the show tonight - you deserved it.

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