Friday, October 13, 2006

Everything You Need To Know!

Here's something I found on the pages of our companion site, the Torch_wood Community. I honestly can take no credit whatsoever for this, I merely stumbled upon the information and am passing it onto you guys and gals at So, go visit Torch_wood right now!


This is an episode guide, supposedly from somebody on the "inside cut". I have no idea if any of it is true, but from some secrets I've heard about the series recent, the following information does seem to make some sense.

Anyways, for your patience, here it is, in full. Or click on the individual episode spoiler/discussion posts in the left column.

Invisotext time!

EPISODE 1: 'Everything Changes' by Russell T Davies
When Torchwood arrives on the scene of a brutal murder, WPC Gwen Cooper's burning curiosity is challenged. Their attitude, their approach and their technology is at odds with everything she believes in. But investigating the investigators leads her into a dark, paranoid world she never imagined existed.

EPISODE 2: 'Day One' by Chris Chibnall
An alien addicted to sex is let loose on Cardiff's nightlife. Torchwood must track down the creature's new host and in doing so, confront a violent new form of love in the 21st century.

EPISODE 3: 'Ghost Machine' by Helen Raynor
Torchwood discovers a machine that allows them to view the ghosts that walk among us. Using it, prompts Owen to investigate an unsolved crime - one that could change all their futures.

EPISODE 4: 'The Trouble With Lisa' by Chris Chibnall
There's a dark secret in the basement of the Hub. Even Jack is unaware of it, but Ianto knows. And he'll go to any lengths, sacrifice anything and anyone, to protect what's down there.

EPISODE 5: 'Small Worlds' by Peter J. Hammond
Jasmine is a withdrawn but intelligent child whose new 'friends' exploit her suppressed anger, and while investigating this, Jack encounters elemental enemies from his past that are determined to harm those closest to him.

EPISODE 6: 'Countrycide' by Chris Chibnall
Upon entering an apparently deserted village in the Brecon Becons, the Torchwood team is separated. Finding his people are the prey in a savage game of cat and mouse Jack faces a team of ruthless hunters far more skilled in surviving outside the confines of the city than he.

EPISODE 7: 'Greeks Bearing Gifts' by Toby Whithouse
Tosh gains the ability to read the minds of those closest to her but as she becomes party to their darkest secrets, she realises not only is this is a powerful curse, but one impossible to break.

EPISODE 8: 'They Keep Killing' by Paul Tomalin & Dan McCulloch
Using alien technology to interrogate the victims of a serial killer, Gwen learns that the common link is dangerously close to home. And the resurrection device has a deadly secret of its own.

EPISODE 9: 'Invisible Eugene' by Jacquetta May
A hit-and-run victim, Eugene, was a bit of a nobody, and always convinced that aliens were coming to Earth, specifically to retrieve technology in his possession. Now Gwen finds herself drawn into his world and realises Eugene may still be helping her locate the 'aliens' - despite him being dead.

EPISODE 10: 'Combat' by Noel Clarke
The team discovers a ring who are kidnapping Weevils - wild alien creatures that have come through the Rift and are hiding on Earth - which leads Owen down a dark path to confront the future of his own existence.

EPISODE 11: 'Out of Time' by Cath Tregenna
A small passenger plane from the 1950's flies through the rift and lands in Cardiff 2006. Torchwood is drawn into strong personal relationships as they help the three temporal immigrants adapt to contemporary life.

EPISODE 12: 'Captain Jack Harkness' by Cath Tregenna
Transported back to the Blitz, Jack and Tosh find themselves facing a dark secret from Jack's past, one he hoped and believed had been buried for good.

EPISODE 13: 'Apocalypse' by Chris Chibnall
The Rift is violently fracturing further, and Jack realises that Torchwood is destined to be drawn into one vast battle that will leave nothing and no one at Torchwood unchanged...

I can't stress enough that this information is still unconfirmed - so don't go blaming me if none of this actually happens! Blame Kurly instead (relax, I'm joking!). I doubt we'll find out whether any of this is true until a few weeks before broadcast - so we'll just have to sit back and wait.

But we're Torchwood fans, and we're use to doing that by now!

Wow, this invisotext is an awful lot of fun! I wonder if I type 9 days and counting, how many Woodies out there will notice and write a comment in the comments section...? If you do, you're a right cleverclogs!!!

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