Saturday, October 07, 2006

Evidence For The Prosecution

I'm actually missing Afterlife on ITV right now to write this message. Oh, the dedication! To be totally honest, something like Torchwood comes around so rarely, that one has to embrace it and be totally excited by its arrival. I mean, when was the last time that British television came up with a decent adult science fiction programme, written by the likes of Russell T Davies, PJ Hammond and Noel Clarke?
Source: The Silver Shade on OG

I'm one hundred percent pumped for this series now, because - frankly - I've loved everything that I've seen and heard over the last twelve months. We've a potential cracker on our hands - and a smash hit too.

So, tonight's trailer. One word I think best sums it up:


Alas, that's not the name of some Welsh train station, but my reaction to 30 seconds of unadulterated pleasure. OMG. My jaw hit the floor. Especially when I saw this:

Is this a Cyberman (technically, Cyberwoman) or not? Lets look at the evidence:

Recently, tabloid reports suggested that a Cyberman would indeed appear in Torchwood...

...But tabloids aren't always right. Remember reports that Bill Nighy was set to play the Ninth Doctor?!?

Yvonne Hartman was left behind at the end of "Doomsday"...

...But the cyborg here is black!

The woman clearly has the cyber-handlebars - a trademark of Cybermen everywhere...

...The cyborg also has breasts. Alas, not a typical feature of Cybermen everywhere!

Reports a few months ago from our good friend "Chula" suggested that we'd see a familiar "friend" in episodes 4 or 8, so could this mean the cyborg in question above?

However, RTD has been keen to play down reports that Doctor Who and Torchwood would have any direct crossovers. Would he be willing to bring in a dangling plot thread from Doctor Who into Torchwood?

That is the million dollar question.

Cyberman (woman) or not, one thing's for sure:

Torchwood looks bloody fantastic - and there's only 14 days to go now...

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