Saturday, October 28, 2006

Eyewitness account

We heard from a reader who would like to remain nameless that yesterday (Friday) they were filming Torchwood outside the newspaper offices at Thomson House on Havelock street in Cardiff. The witnessed location scene from the final production block of Episodes 12 & 13 featured: (invisotext follows) Gwen covered in blood propping up a staggering Jack while shouting his name in an alleyway. The other members of the team were following behind.

The whole crew seemed to be in good spirits as they neared the end of production. The office workers who were gawking at the filming from windows above were spotted by John Barrowman who promptly gave them a bonus salute by sticking his tongue out at them.

Thanks for the report, of course it is the responsibilty of everybody in Cardiff to keep the rest of us informed on what the Institute is up to.

Also, look closely at the above screencap from Day One. I know Jack said that Torchwood have more important things to do than help out the police in crime investigations but don't you think they might have mentioned to somebody they saw a body in a bin in an alley?

A LITTLE UPDATE: Screencaps from the day's filming can be seen here. What are they looking at?!?
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