Wednesday, October 18, 2006

First Impressions

Tonight, all across the lands, Woodies everywhere will have their first chance to see Torchwood - on the big screen, in High Definition no less! If any readers out there are going to a screening tonight, feel free to e-mail me at to tell me how your night went. I'll post a selection of your comments online tomorrow, when I review "Everything Changes" in full.

In the mean time, it looks like SFX are no longer Torchwood virgins. The magazine team watched the first episode of the series early on Monday morning, and posted their comments online. You can read what the team have to say by clicking here.

Have a great time tonight if you're going to any of the UK screenings - if you're in Manchester tonight, then you might just spot a quick glimpse of me running into the cinema to get my seat near the front! I'll be the one who has the Captain Jack Harkness action figure in one hand, and a printed out sign in the other! If you see me, come over and say hello.

I don't bite. Much.

Have fun - and I bet you anything that you won't expect the rather "out of the blue" ending...
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