Friday, October 20, 2006

Good Morning Britain

As users of our new chat room feature may know, this morning I woke at the impossibly early time of 6am to watch the John Barrowman interview on BBC Breakfest.

So, having made my breakfest cereal (Sugar Puffs this particular day) I sat glued to my screen as a pre-recordered segment aired on BBC One's breakfest service.


Although we didn't learn any particularly new about the series, there was lots and lots of clips shown (including the meteror shower from episode three, now shortened to just "Ghost Machine"). It was also nice to see John Barrowman and Russell T Davies interviewed - after all, they more than anybody worked so hard to get Torchwood onto our screens, and deserve to be recognised for that achievement.

The clip can (hopefully, if my link works!) be seen here.

Happy viewing! And now, with two days to go, the excitement's building.

Torchwood's coming... at last!

UPDATE: That link doesn't work. Doh! We'll try to bring you a proper link soon...

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