Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jubilee Pizza

I asked for it. Ever since I posted last night's (basically) spoiler free review of "Everything Changes" I've had e-mail after e-mail coming into my computer asking for spoilers for the first episode.

Well, I'm not giving any! Instead, you'll just have to make do with this; a bunch of Doctor Who related references I spotted in the opening Torchwood episode...


1: On the entrance to the Hub, there's a newspaper stuck onto the door. It's got Margaret Blaine's head on it! (A nod to "Boomtown").

2: Captain Jack Harkness went missing in January 1941 (The Empty Child two parter).

3: The TARDIS Chamelion Curcuit has got a lot to answer for - as Jack has learnt!

4: There's a shot of the now-infamous "Doctor's Hand" floating around, pickled, in the Hub.

5: The Rift takes centre stage at last. It's the cause of everything bad arriving in Cardiff...

6: Jack makes an indirect reference to his death in "The Parting of the Ways".

7: Unsurprisingly, Jack is looking for the Doctor...

8: Ianto orders Jubilee Pizza!

9: In the Torchwood Hub, the Cybermen guns and Sycorax staffs from last season can be seen in the background, near to Suzie's area.

10: In the background of one of the police station scenes we hear (over the intercom) somebody ask for "Inspector Davies" - the creator of Torchwood, and head writer of Doctor Who!

Here's a quick list of some of the things we don't learn in the opening episode:

1: How Jack travelled back from the Gamestation to 21st Century Cardiff...

2: Why Sato transferred to Torchwood following the "Aliens of London" incident...

3: Why Gwen looks like some 19th Century maid...

And that's all your getting from me! No more spoilers from me.

My mouth is sealled. *

*I'll take bribes though.
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