Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lets Radio Times It...

The schedule for the first two episodes of Torchwood, "Everything Changes" and "Day One" have now been posted on the Radio Times website. So, here in full is that schedule - complete with early hour repeats! I haven't got a clue who will be watching Torchwood at two o'clock in the morning though! Episodes marked (R) are repaets only:


Sunday 22 October9:00pm - 10:40pmBBC3
"Everything Changes" and "Day One" (FIRST SCREENING!!!)

Monday 23 October1:00am - 2:40amBBC3
"Everything Changes" and "Day One" (R)

Monday 23 October2:40am - 2:55amBBC3
"Declassified - episode one" (FIRST SCREENING!!!)

Monday 23 October2:55am - 3:05amBBC3
"Declassified - episode two" (FIRST SCREENING!!!)

Tuesday 24 October10:30pm - 12:10amBBC3
"Everything Changes" and "Day One" (R)

Wednesday 25 October1:10am - 2:55amBBC3
"Everything Changes" and "Day One" (R)

Sunday 22 October9:00pm - 9:45pmBBC3
"The Ghost Machine" (FIRST SCREENING!!!)

As ever, the schedule can be subject to change between now and the 22nd, so be warned!

It's thought that the first two episodes will broadast on BBC Two on Wednesday 25th October, at 9pm, with new episodes following after every Wednesday. Although this contrasts current DWM reports, believes this latest report to be the real deal. Good news for Torchwood fans without BBC Three or Freeview anyway!

More news as it comes. See you all soon...

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