Friday, October 13, 2006

Now, it's Jack's turn

It seems like just yesterday I was asking when Jack would get his due. Well the latest trailer has quickly answered my question.

Regrettably tonight's promo had just the one kiss, but it did feature a few new shots which you can watch and analyze at all the usual spots online.

Also, if you notice anything different around here, it is our new masthead by Justin. Thanks for helping zip this place up a bit. The previous logo had a good year run, but the theme for today is "Everything Changes."

If you haven't visited the episode spoiler posts lately in the left column, we have the complete picture now and they have all been updated with the summary information from the BBC. Read those if you dare and please feel free to comment with any additional information.

With the rate news has been coming out lately, my mantra must be, "No time for sleep, must update page!"
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