Monday, October 30, 2006

Torchwood Telesales

So you've seen and read everything to do with Torchwood. You've even tricked out your computer with all sorts of Torchwood stuff. Well now exclusively on Torchwood.TV we can offer you a very unique item to impress all your Woodie friends. We have found the screensaver file that was used on computers in the background of the forthcoming episode Invisible Eugene.

Well it is actually just a short 2mb AVI movie which an anonymous reader found and it has been posted for download here. But I'm sure some of you computer whizbangs out there can easily convert it into a screensaver for your system, and even add other Torchwood bells and whistles to it. However, let's hope it doesn't give you any ideas to start a new telesales business, we have more than enough of those already, thank you very much.

Many of you may be dying to talk about Ghost Machine, but as I haven't even had a chance to see it yet, as well as many others who watch Wednesdays on BBC2, we won't be posting about it much for a few days. But feel free to comment on episode 3 in its post in the episodes section of the left column.
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