Friday, November 24, 2006

Battlestar Torchwood?!?

Has SCI-FI picked up Torchwood?

A few days ago the American broadcaster announced that from January, their top-rated series "Battlestar Galactica" would be moving from Friday nights to Sundays. Apparently, Friday has become a very competitive market - and to save "Galactica" from flagging ratings, the network wants to move it away to a more secure time slot.

So, what on Earth is the network going to show in its place? Presumably not any of their "original shows". It stands to reason that, if they've moved Galactica to save ratings, they wouldn't place any other show which they've invested in greatly in the same slot. As far as I can see, the channel has three options:

1: Make Friday "Movie Night" - show films in the slot formally occupied by Galactica. Movies don't gave as great an audience on television, and would explain to SCI-FI's advertisers why audience numbers have dipped.

2: More wrestling - well, it's not exactly 100% science-fiction on SCI-FI anymore, is it? This option would make sense, as it's cheap, expendable television.


3: Show Torchwood - by January the "Doctor Who" series two screenings would have ended, and so, in theory, SCI-FI could broadcast "Torchwood" to bridge the gap between seasons.

Episodes would have to be edited of course, to fit the one hour (or 42 minutes of content, 18 minutes of adverts) demanded - but this could be achieved by cutting out the swearing, and more graphic of scenes.

As the BBC already has dealt with SCI-FI to sell the first two seasons of Doctor Who, it wouldn't be hard for executives to strike a further deal to land Torchwood, would it?

Also, the network might not want any other network getting a bite of its Doctor Who-themed goodness.

Torchwood is a vital part of Captain Jack's character. When he returns in series three of Doctor Who, SCI-FI viewers might be a little lost if his absense isn't explained away. Could this alone push SCI-FI into investing in the series?

I guess we'll find out soon enough. January is only 40 odd days away from now, and if the story's true, an announcement can't be far away.

Look at it as a 'glass half full' scenerio American readers - you could be getting Torchwood on your screens earlier than you think!
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