Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Post-Christmas Christmas Toys!

Character Options have confirmed that next year, to tie in with the launch of Doctor Who season three, they'll be releasing another batch of Doctor Who figures (no Torchwood toys planned yet, sorry). These range from Martha Jones, to the Face of Boe, and even some naughty art deco styled Daleks from the 1930's...

One of the new additions for next year's toys will be the "doubled-up" feature, which sees two toys in the same box. For instance, you can buy two different Autons for the price of one (much like this year's Rose/k9 pack). Interestingly, Torchwood fans will be able to pick up a Captain Jack Harkness and Empty Child pack, to play with to their heart's content. We'll update with pictures when they become available.

In other news, "Small Worlds" achieved a rating of 1.34 Million on Sunday evening, up 0.18 Million from the week before. The final rating for "Cyberwoman" was 1.39 Million. It's incredible to think that not only is Torchwood maintaining it's 1 Million plus rating, but after initially losing viewers, it's started slowly regaining them again.

Oh, and BBC Two viewers, I hope you enjoyed tonight's show!
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