Thursday, November 16, 2006

Invisible To The World

The BBC Press Office today released episode information for "Invisible Eugene". They state:

"When Eugene wakes to find himself (a) dead and (b) invisible to the rest of the world, he knows something has gone rather wrong, as Russell T Davies's sci-fi thriller continues. Eugene knows there's one person he can rely on to discover the truth behind his death: Gwen Cooper.

Eugene is played by Paul Chequer and Gwen Cooper by Eve Myles."

The episode in question airs Sunday 10th December (my one year anniversary with the gvirlfriend, aww!). It's not yet known for sure whether Torchwood will air on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve (although DWM seem to reckon so). I guess we'll find out over the next few weeks or so, as the Christmas Schedules are released.

Imagine if it was shown over yuletime though, we'd have two Torchwoods to enjoy, one Doctor Who Christmas Special, and a Sarah-Jane Adventures New Years episode. Result!

UPDATE: Plus don't forget John Barrowman will be making another chatshow appearance on ITV's THIS MORNING at 10.30am tomorrow (Friday)
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