Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Stirling Job

John Barrowman's offical site confirms that the God of Torchwood himself, Mister John of Barrowman, will be appearing in Stirling Scotland's MB Disco Supply Store on Saturday the 25th of November at 2:30pm to sign autographs on merchandise bought that day. The new shop is owned by his cousin and he is giving a helping hand (not the pickled one at the institute) to get the DJ and Karaoke business off the ground.

Would it be ok if we brought a Torchwood.TV t-shirt for you to sign good man?

Oh, and for anybody reading this before nine-ish in the morning, don't forget that John Barrowman is scheduled to appear on BBC Breakfast today! Or else.

Seriously, I mean it: Or else. Or else... I don't know, I'll set a pack of Weevils on you!

See you all soon guys and gals.

UPDATE: Follow this official BBC link to watch JB's appearance this morning in realplayer.
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