Sunday, November 12, 2006

Talking CDs...

Before I begin, can I just say how much I enjoyed tonight's Torchwood? "Small Worlds" goes to show how scary this post-watershed, Welsh drama can be. It's the first episode (bar the pilot) where I've not checked my watch to see how long is left once. Honestly, Peter J Hammond has done himself proud, and produced the best script of the series so far. Well done to all involved - especially JB who out did himself tonight with Captain Jack's more emotional scenes.

Now, I've not had access to the computer since Thursday - so apologies if this is old news to anybody, but next year, according to this month's Doctor Who Magazine, the three Torchwood tie-in novels will be released in CD form as audio books. Two of them are due to be read by John Barrowman himself, whilst the third will be read by the stunning Eve Myles. They are expected to be released around February/March next year. Get your orders in now to avoid disappointment!

Also in the magazine is an interview with casting agent Andy Pryer, who discusses the casting of Captain Jack back in 2004, and an "exclusive" episode guide for all of series one of Torchwood - which all major Woodie sites posted about last month! The magazine, issue 376, is out now at all good newsagents priced £3.99.

Have a great Monday back at work or school (I'm being sarcastic - there's no such thing as a "great Monday", is there?). I'll see you all very soon, and I hope you enjoyed tonight's show!
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