Thursday, November 02, 2006

Torchwood Tributes

I imagine that after watching an episode of Torchwood most of you don't run for the toy box and pull out the Legos to recreate the scenes. That's a good thing however, because the folks at Lego Doctor Who have already done it for us.

Those clever constructors have already created two short videos which recreate key scenes from episode one Everything Changes. It's not yet up to the scale of the brilliant Brick Testament or Port Block but give them some time, we have a long winter ahead of us. Although they may have a hard time getting their hand on the blocks according to this news article.

There is also now more Torchwood fan fiction online then I'm easily able to keep up with. On Live Journal, Jack in Cuffs has the spicier stuff and the Torchwood Archives bills itself as more family friendly. Plus you will find the usual mix of everything at A Teaspoon and an Open Mind. Finally, also at Live Journal numerous artistic folks have made wallpaper to meet your computer's needs. Here's hoping some homemade Torchwood video games are soon on their way, so we can all put off real work a bit longer.
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