Sunday, December 03, 2006

All About Suzie

This past week has dragged on; never looking like it's ever going to end. I've kept myself busy of course, writing Sarah-Jane.TV and Film-21, but the fact remains - I'm so excited by tonight's episode of Torchwood that I've been counting down the days. Why? Well, Suzie Costello is back of course!

The character was one of the many, many jewels of the Torchwood pilot, "Everything Changes." Months ago, our BBC source, the ever enigmatic Chula, told me about Suzie's death - so I wasn't exactly surprised when she did eventually die. But I didn't know she was coming back until the spoiler title was released (because Chula went all quiet on us - damn him!) I now have no idea what's going to happen in "They Keep Killing Suzie" - the first time all series that's happened!

Watching tonight is going to be a surreal experience then. Not only am I welcoming back a fantastic character (and actor too, in the brilliant Indira Varma) but I won't be predicting what's around the next corner. And in the process, won't be annoying my girlfriend either! So bring on "They Keep Killing Suzie" - my first proper episode of Torchwood. I can't wait.

"They Keep Killing Suzie" airs on BBC Three at 10pm tonight, or BBC Two on Wedsnesday @ 9pm.

Also the title of next week's episode has officially been changed to Random Shoes. Enjoy tonight's show - and I'll see you all in our friendly chat room afterwards...

MAJOR UPDATE: Look what I found, a gallery of wallpaper-size images for forthcoming Torchwood episodes on! It's viewable here, it includes some promo shots from "They Keep Killing Suzie", "Invisible Eugene" and "Out of Time". Check me out! *genius or what?*
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