Monday, December 04, 2006

Be A Samaritan...

Our good friends over at Doctor Who Online have alerted us to a forthcoming auction that Woodies everywhere might be interested in entering:

"Signed BBC Three show script donated by Writer to raise funds for local charity.

Cardiff & District Samaritans, Torchwood's local branch of the national emotional support charity, stands to benefit from a generous donation by acclaimed scriptwriter Helen Raynor.

Raynor, who wrote Ghost Machine, Episode 3 of BBC Three's new Cardiff-based adult sci-fi drama Torchwood, has given the charity an autographed script from the show, signed by the main cast members and the writer herself. The script is now being auctioned on internet site, where the brance hope to raise over £100 to fund their 2 hours-a-day emotional support service.

Cardiff & District Branch Director Alison said 'We're absoluttely over the moon to have been given such a unique and collectable item by such a high profile writer. The auction is a great way for us to raise our profile in the community. We're really grateful to Helen for the kind donation, and now hope it finds a good home!'

The auction is scheduled to end at 10pm on Monday 11th December, just in time for Christmas."

You can find a direct link to the E-Bay page by clicking here.

Good luck, and remember that all proceeds will go to charity, and will help the needy this Christmas time.

Thank you.
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