Friday, December 01, 2006

Can you break a Gwen?

With the Torchwood DVDs not coming out until December 26th, what's a Woodie to do if s/he wants to give a loved one that special Torchwood gift in time for Festivus which falls on the 23rd, or for one of those other minor holidays folks celebrate that also happen in December.

As usual Ebay is here to your rescue! A simple search there will turn up all sorts of unauthorized Torchwood goodies just ready for gift wrapping. My personal favorite are the Torchwood banknotes.

This finally explains where the Institute gets their funding, Pterodactyl chow and sauce doesn't come cheap you know. The crew simply drops by the Bank of Torchwood and can print up as much cash as they need. Plus if any alien investigations send them to the States, no problem, there are also Jack Bucks available.

So how does one pay for Torchwood money? With Torchwood Paypal of course.
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