Friday, December 08, 2006

The Finest Scoop

"Worried about Christmas? No place to turn? Well we might just have the answer to all your worries! The all new super delux Torchwood will put a smile on anybody's face, and ensure a truly great Christmas time this year..."

This week's adition of DigitalSpy's "Tube Talk" column is up and running (at last I might add) and includes spoilers for "Out of Time", and a few sneaky peaks ahead to the remainder of the series. It seems that the writer, Neil Wilkes (the lucky so-and-so) has seen every episode of Torchwood now, including the finale.

You just know he's going to tease us about that over Christmas...

Anyways, onwards and upwards. His scoop - written in oldtime favourite, invisotext!

"Out of Time" - A very strange and potentially controversial episode next week. A plane carrying three passengers takes off in 1953 but lands in modern day Cardiff (hint: thinking about how this may have happened gives you some clues as to how the rest of the series progresses). In a marked change, the episode has no real problem to solve and instead follows the three as they attempt to integrate into 21st century life and develop relationships with Torchwood's finest. There's also steamy sex, assisted suicide and a very strong "anti-smoking" message throughout the ep. Plus there are some more hints about CJ's backstory.

Remainder of the series - To say much about how the series winds up at this point would perhaps be too daring, even for the Spoiler Spot. Instead I'll give you a slow tease in the coming weeks - and look out for a special Doctor Who / Torchwood edition of Tube Talk just before Christmas - but for now I can say that as the series comes to a close, it does borrow a fair bit from elsewhere. Men In Black, Life On Mars, Fight Club and even The Simpsons are echoed in upcoming episodes, but it all builds to a finale that even the most hardened Torchwood cynic would have to agree is stunning. And we have a revelation coming that may knock your socks off.

In other news, next issue of Doctor Who Magazine (released 4th January) promises to take us behind the scenes on the upcoming season finale. Apart from a load of letters loving/hating the series, this month's DWM - released yesterday - is relatively Torchwood-lite, although it does feature a lot of Sarah Jane Adventures gossip, which you can read in full here.

And that's about it for now. If you have any Torchwood news, email it here and I'll post it on the site ASAP. Normally I'd recommend emailing Kurly too, but the man's so busy at the moment moving apartments, I doubt he evn has the time to read his emails.

All together now: "Hurry up Kurly, and get back to the site as fast as you can..."

Or we'll set the spirit of raxacoricofallapatorius upon you!
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