Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jackharkness the Forgetful

Christmas Eve; It's the annual tradition of going around to family and friends house; which basically means sitting bored on their sofas, wishing you were back at home, watching Christmas telly.


Alas, Christmas wishes don't always come true - and I'm forced to endure the boredom of Auntie Ivy's christmas stories, and everything else that comes with family visits. To make the experience more bareable (I wish...) I'll do anything to keep my mind occupied; which often means scrawling through the magazine piles and reading an ancient issue of Heat Magazine(aparently somebody called Pete has finished with somebody else called Nikki. The magazine assures us that this is not the end of the world, so I breath a sigh of relief).

Reading the christmas tv listings, I saw something that left me quite surprised (and excited). Torchwood episode eleven is on BBC Three tonight - something I'd completely forgotten all about! It was, literally, at the back of my mind. After all, Christmas is a time for relatives, and not silly old television...

...Who am I kidding? I'd have Torchwood over family every day!

So, if like me you'd completely forgotten all about Torchwood, I thought I'd write a little reminder to you all that episode eleven (Noel Clarke's "Combat") airs on BBC Three tonight, at the slightly earlier time of 9:30pm. Be there or be square. Or whatever shape you wanna be.

And all that remains for me to say is; enjoy the show tonight, and don't get too drunk. You don't wanna disturb Santa whilst he's delivering those presents, do you?

Trust me, Santa doesn't take kindly to drunk men or women launching themselves at him on Christmas Eve...

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