Monday, December 25, 2006

A Christmas Message

I just wanted to say, on this most special of days, a big merry Christmas to all of Torchwood.TV's faithful readers - the guys and gals who have stuck by this site over the past 14 months, and truly made it what it is today.

Your comments on both the tag board and the chat room make me smile without fail every single day, and your loyalty not only to Torchwood, but to this site too is so admirable. Honestly, I've made so many friends because of this site, and I just wanted to take the oportunity to thank each and every reader for being a part of the Torchwood.TV experience.

I hope your Christmas Day lives up to each and every one of your expectations - and my fingers are crossed that Santa brings you everything you've ever wanted. We've got a fantastic Catherine Tate-central Christmas Who to enjoy (or endure, if your one of a number of Tate haters) and the promise of bigger and better things to come in the next two installments of Torchwood.

Don't eat too much Turkey, and we hope you join us for the ride. But what Christmas is complete without a little christmas stocking filler. Consider this a little gift from me to you - the latest DigitalSpy tubetalk spoilers (invisotext time): OK, a few more hints on the finale now. One character you need to watch out for is a guy named Billis, who first appears as the caretaker in 1941 (where, in case you didn't know, Tosh and CJ are transported to courtesy of the ever-widening rift). He somehow - and I won't spoil it by saying exactly how - but somehow appears in the present day... eventually with blood on his hands. One guy you definitely need to watch out for is someone called James Harper - he's a very interesting chap. Also appearing in the finale are Lisa (Ianto's cyberwoman), Diane, Tosh's dead mother and Rhys's arse. Finally, CJ turns the gun on each member of his team - but who will survive? Exciting stuff...

Enjoy your Christmas - we'll see you at the other end...
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