Thursday, December 14, 2006

John's Feelin' Good

A quick, John Barrowman themed post today. His (fantastic) Royal Variety Performance has finally made its way onto the equally fantatic youtube service, the show's intro with JB can be viewed here and the finale here.

Keep the funding for the Institute coming please

Sticking with John Barrowman, the star recently adopted a dog - as part of his campaign for the Dog's Trust - and according to k9 Magazine, he's named it "Tegan".

Torchwood.TV can confirm that the dog is neither Australian, nor an overly annoying (and gobby) air hostess. Which is great news for John I guess!

Finally, John's currently making final preperations for his appearence in the New Cardiff Theatre's panto version of "Jack and the Beanstalk". The first performance is on Saturday 16th December - so get your tickets booked now. It's sure to be an absolute treat.


John Barrowman: an all singing, all dancing dog lover - I can here thousands upon thousands of fangirl hearts flutter...

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