Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Toshiko's Smile Time

It's a tradition in the jackharkness household; every Christmas the family buy the extra-sized Christmas edition of the Radio Times. No other listings magazine will do; because Christmas is so special, we deserve only the best.

Today I maintained the tradition by picking up a copy of the 2006 guide - and immediately took it home to plan all of my festive viewing!

Using the magazine, I've created a handy guide for all Torchwood.TV readers - detailing all the festive season's airing of Torchwood, so you don't have an excuse to miss out! Here goes...:

24/12/2006: "Combat" - BBC Three - First showing at 9:30pm, (repeated at 3:10)

26/12/2006: "Combat" - BBC Three - A repeat at 1:50 in the morning.

27/12/2006: "Combat" - BBC Two - 10pm (first terrestrial showing).

29/12/2006: "Combat" - BBC Three - 9pm / 1.30am repeats.

30/12/2006: "Out of Time" and "Combat" - BBC Three - 9:45pm /12:55am repeats.

1/1/2007: "Captain Jack Harkness" and "End of Days" - BBC Three - First showing at 9:30pm - till 11:05pm - (repeated back-to-back at 1.05am).

2/1/2007: "Captain Jack Harkness" and "End of Days" - BBC Three - double repeat at 10:30pm-12:05am, and then again at 1:35am-3:10am.

3/1/2007: "Captain Jack Harkness" and "End of Days" - BBC Two - 9pm screening (ending at approx. 10:30pm - first terrestrial showing).

4/1/2007: "Captain Jack Harkness" - BBC Three - 9pm / 1am repeats.

5/1/2007: "End of Days" - BBC Three - 9pm / 1am repeats.

The more observant of you have already realised that the title of episode thirteen has reverted from "Apocalypse" back to "End of Days". Yes, yes, I give in; you were all right, and naturally - in both my ignorance and stupidity - I was wrong. I'll go hang my head in shame, shall I?!?

In other news, last night's performance of the Royal Variety has impressed a number of readers. John Barrowman was on hand to prove how much of a master showman he is, as Naoko Mori performed with the Avenue Q. Thanks to faithful reader 'peter pan' we have a youtube link for Mori's performance here. also has photos of JB and Burn Gorman backstage with Naoko and the rest of the cast.

We'll post John's singing extraganza on the site when it eventually finds its way onto the good old net.

Ok, I'll stop pestering you all now and get back to reading my Radio Times all over again.

And you call me a geek...?
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