Monday, December 11, 2006

Somebody's Impressed...

According to reports in today's South Wales West, there's a struggle going on between BBC Two and BBC Three over who gets the 'first air' rights for new Torchwood episodes in 2007 (assuming season two is made of course...).

The two broadcasters have clearly spotted how well the show is doing in the ratings (last night for instance it gained around 970,000 - enough to beat Lost) and they want a piece of the pie for themselves. Neither channel want to lose such a valuable jewel in their crown...

And that's why a second season announcement can only be days away.

In other news, last night's Torchwood episode was seemingly hijacked for around six minutes by the CBBC Channel logo. An accident meant it took the place of the tradition BBC Three "D.O.G".

In a shocking development, Torchwood.TV can confirm that next week's episode will be brought to you by CBeebies, and the letter c.

It now looks like the final two episodes of "Torchwood" will both air back to back on Monday January 1st 2007, starting at 9:30pm and carrying through to around 11:10pm that same evening. More schedule news as we get it.

Finally, for now, has received a much needed face lift. The sister site of Torchwood.TV reports on the development of the Sarah-jane centric "The Sarah Jane Adventures". You can read it here (and please leave your comments. We love comments. Some say we love them too much...).
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