Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Torchwood-ish New Year

Following this evening's distinct lack of Torchwood themed goodness, I thought it would be a good idea to take the opportunity to catch up on all the latest Torchwood news.

The first three Torchwood novels (Border Princes; Another Life; Slow Decay) have started to stream into book stores across the UK - two full weeks ahead of their official launch. The books keep in the tradition of the actual Torchwood series (ie, each is completely different to each of the others) and feature plots revolving around Gwen, plots revolving around Gwen, and - oh - more plots revolving around Gwen.

And you know what? They can't come recommmended enough!

Joining the bandwagon, dozens of sites have reported on John Barrowman and Scott Gill's civil ceremony. What's delightful about all of the news coverage is how none of the news articles look down upon the fact that John is gay. For once it seems that the media are treating gay and lesbian couples just like they should be treated; as equals.

We've come a long way since the days of ridiculing the likes of George Micheal for being homosexual.

In other news early figures I've been sent show that the Torchwood DVD has been the highest selling TV release of the last seven days - and although numbers haven't been offically released as of yet, the DVD is expected to have been one of the highest selling releases nationwide.

Last week's BBC Three broadcast saw ratings drop because of the Christmas Eve time slot. "Combat" scored a respectable 700,000 viewers for its BBC Three debut; whereas three days later, 1.9 million watched on BBC Two.

Don't forget that John Barrowman is set to appear on BBC One's New Year countdown broadcast, "New Year Live". No doubt John will guarentee a few New Year chuckles, and with the cast of "The Sound of Music" on hand after twelve midnight, it's a perfect opportunity for John to catch up with "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria" winner, Connie.

Tomorrow sees the debut of the second Doctor Who spin-off series, "The Sarah Jane Adventures". It broadcasts at 4:50pm in the afternoon, on BBC One (no fair, Torchwood never got a BBC One showing!). You can catch-up on all the very latest Sarah Jane news here.

End of shameless plug...

Oh, and as if you'd forget, the Torchwood double-bill finale (comprising of episodes twelve and thirteen) airs tomorrow evening - for the last time - on BBC Three, from 9:30pm. What will be the fate of Captain Jack Harkness when he meets... Captain Jack Harkness? Will Owen's new found appreciation for the Weevil kind show itself once more? However will Gwen cope with her grief of cheating on Rhys? Will either Ianto or Toshiko actually have anything to do? Who will survive? Who will die? And most importantly of all, just what is that "fan pleasing" cliffhanger we've been promised?

Have a great New Year's folks - here's hoping for a fantastic 2007.

Woodies across the land, we'll be seeing you again very soon...
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