Monday, January 01, 2007

Goodbye (We'll Meet Again)

I thought that title was quite apt considering the content of the first of tonight's two Torchwood episodes - both of which mark the end of Torchwood's first season on our television screens. As Big Ben chimes to midnight, and 2006 becomes the past tense, we welcome in 2007 by previeweing Torchwood's finale themed episodes, "Captain Jack Harkness" and "End of Days"!


An accident near to the Rift causes Captain Jack and Toshiko to travel back sixty years in time - into the middle of a packed dance hall. As Gwen and Owen lead the rescue attempt back in contemporary Cardiff, sparks fly between the two, and Owen is forced to make a hard decision - and one that could have fatal consequences on all of mankind. Meanwhile, back in time, Toshiko is stunned to learn more than she would have possibly ever imagined when she meets Captain Jack's namesake. And all the time, there's something moving, and preparing its attack...

"END OF DAYS" - 10:15PM
The Rift is open, and there's terrible consequences for all of mankind. Chaos reigns upon the streets of Cardiff, as Captain Jack is forced into a terrible decision; and one that will see him turn a gun upon one of his own. Terrifying visions of the past and future haunt the team - and expect flashback to both Lisa and Diane. A familiar face from "Captain Jack Harkness" is set for a reappearence, as Captain Jack himself may or may not finally end his quest of tracking down the Doctor...


After the episodes have aired, and you suddenly feel yourself suffering from Torchwood withdrawal syptoms, look on the bright side, as there's a number of things to carry you over until the new season starts in October 2007...


Captain Jack is expected to return in the show's eleventh episode - now confirmed as "Utopia". The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine seems to suggest that (POTENTIALLY HUGE SPOILERS!!!) at the end of Torchwood's "End of Days" Captain Jack is transported away by a familar sound. Next thing Jack knows, he's aboard the TARDIS, confronted with the Doctor and Martha Jones - both of whom are heading towards their next adventure... Whether or not this comes to pass, we'll have to wait and see. The series returns in March/April - so expect to see Jack's return around late June or early July. But it'll be worth it folks...


Filming is expected to begin around May-ish; although this of course depends on the availablity of the cast and crew. It's not yet known which cast members will resurface for the second season - but it's likely that Captain Jack (despite his Doctor Who appearences) will be back.


The first three books are set for a 11th January release (although you can probably nab copies now, if you're extra lucky). There's been some suggestion that a further set of three could follow over the summer, and that one may deal with the second Reserection Glove, but this has been unconfirmed at the time of writing.


On February 26th, the second Torchwood DVD hits stores across the UK. It's expected to contain episodes six through to nine, and feature the same sort of special features as volume one. A final DVD then follows on March 26th, with episodes ten to thirteen included. There's no news yet on whether a DVD boxset will follow - although a HD-DVD release seems to be on the cards. If this is the case, it'll be a first for both the BBC and 2 Entertain...

There's no news on any Torchwood action figures, or a miniture version of the Hub set. If and when there is, we'll update you here on the site.

Forbidden Planet and (as well as other sources) are now advertising a set of Torchwood posters for Woodies to buy and place upon their walls. It's up to you waht you do with them - so we won't think any less of you if you choose to stare at John Barrowman all night long.


As Canada's CBC co-funded Torchwood, it's inevitable that the series will air on that particular network sometime over the next year or so. Whether or not Torchwood will transport to America has yet to be seen, although an airing on Sci-Fi Channel (if the show is edited of course) hasn't been ruled out. We heard today that Australia will be getting the series at some point in 2007 on ABC (we predict a late February or early March broadcast). Expect other announcements too, for markets around the world like France and Italy.


As we head into the site's second Phoney War (ie, a period where there's very little to report on for a while) you can expect some neat little features coming your way (this is the point where Kurly sits up and says "I didn't know about that!"). Over the coming weeks, I'll be reviewing all of the season one episodes, and finding out the winner of Torchwood.TV's very own "25 Questions" competition. Oh, and expect a return for a long forgotten Torchwood.TV feature - as well as a number of other things I've been planning for months now, and can't wait for you guys to see!

Put it this way: now season one has finished, don't dare think that Torchwood.TV will be disapperaing from sight! We'll be back every single day, bigger and better than ever before, ready to give you the best possible news updates...

2006 is over. It was a hell of a year.

Still... long live 2007!

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