Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year, New Thrills!

The first Doctor Who Magazine of 2007 has now been released across the United Kingdom. It's jam packed full of Christmas time goodness; focusing on "The Runaway Bride" special, "The Sarah Jane Adventures" - and the Torchwood finale too!


The magazine team, headed by Benjamin Cook, headed down to the Torchwood set at Upper Boat during the dying days of recording on season one - way back in October 2006. All of the cast and crew find time to talk to the team, with Burn Gorman and Eve Myles giving full length interviews (where we learn, according to Burn Gorman, ugly people just won't do...).

We're allowed special behind the scenes access to the filming of "End of Days" (director Ashley Way seems a right old bossy boots!) - and at the same time, we learn what the Torchwood cast do with their spare time on set, when they're not required during filming. Apparently, Gareth David Lloyd enjoys sucking balls of cotton wool (don't ask...) as Eve Myles and John Barrowman have a karate match with one another (it ends when John gives Eve a rash!). Russell T Davies sums proceedings up when he insists the cast are "the best of friends". Judging by this very feature, he's absolutely right - this is a cast that loves the company of one another.

Later on, there's a neat little John Barrowman interview as DWM revives it's legendary "Out of the TARDIS" feature (50 questions; one tin TARDIS - out pop 20 at random, and John's got to do his best to answer each and every one). We learn that John's not embarrased about his time making "Shark Attack 3" (no matter how bad it is...) and he insists that if ever anybody was to play him in a biopic of his life, it'd have to be Tom Cruise, who John insists everybody says he looks like! Oh, and girls, if you've ever wanted to know if John Barrowman is a good kisser, this interview may be right up your street!

Torchwood chief supremo, Russell T Davies, reveals that he may be writing two episodes of Torchwood's second series, but because of time constaints, this number will likely drop down to just the one solitary script - much to RTD's annoyance ("I'm pencilled in to write two episodes for Series Two - but I can see that becoming one, which really pisses me off because I love writing for those actors. But I priortise Doctor Who, so I must limit myself.")

Teasing us, Russell reveals this little gem about what happens following Jack's disappearence at the end of "End of Days". He states that: "Well, Jack disappeared to the noise of the TARDIS, and then his first appearence in Series Three (of Doctor Who), from Jack's point of view, takes place seconds later. If you haven't seen Torchwood, Jack will appear like a returning hero out of the blue, into the TARDIS, and all will be explained about who he is. When Torchwood comes back we'll find an explanation for how he returns to Cardiff... unless, of course, they all die at the end of Series Three! Yes, like that's going to happen! They could all die and it could all end there..." Yes, Russ, they could... but we all know that's never going to happen, don't we?!?

Finally, a neat little side column reveals some neat Torchwood related facts that I've never heard before. A selection of the best appears below:

+ Burn Gorman was born in Hollywood, California.

+ Murray Gold says of his Torchwood theme tune: "I said 'I think it should be like this' and it sort of was. I've never heard the theme on a single transmission. They always talk over it. Has anyone heard it? It's only eight seconds at the beginning."

+ The Torchwood production team discussed doing a Dalek episode, but thought that it might entice children to watch, so decided best not.

+ Russell isn't planning any Doctor Who / Torchwood / Sarah Jane crossover adventures. "Our schedule is too busy," he says. "It'd just make life too complicated. But we'll see. If I think of an idea, I'll do it. But probably not."

It's rather strange that after months of not including Torchwood in the main pages, DWM has now decided to devote so much space to the series. Perhaps it has something to do with its "record breaking" ratings for BBC Three? Whatever the reason, lets hope it's a tradition that continues well into the future!

... Hang about, I've just looked at the "Next Issue" section, and once more, there's no sign of Torchwood in the magazine. Damn you! We came so close, yet so far...

Doctor Who Magazine issue 378 is out in shops now, priced £3.99. You can read the second part of this post (regarding "The Sarah Jane Adventures" coverage) here.
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