Friday, January 05, 2007

Answering Those 25 Questions!

Way back on September 1st last year, I personally challenged readers to answer questions (by guessing, naturally) on all things Torchwood. Now that the series has ended, it's time to look back and reveal the correct answers...

Don't tell me you guys haven't been waiting months for this?

1: What time/date will Torchwood eventually air?

Sunday October 22nd, with a double bill of "Everything Changes" and "Day One" beginning at roughly 9pm.

2: When will we first see a Torchwood trailer...?

Sunday October 1st - as reported here. The BBC ran annoyingly short trailers demonstrating the new Torchwood "T" logo on them...

3: So, will there be a "Torchwood Confidential" or not?

Yes, and it ended up being called Torchwood Declassifed (and was shown at impossibly early times in the morning!).

4: First episode: good or bad reviews?

Ah. Well, the first episode had good reviews. As for the others... well, lets put it this way, the Guardian newspaper voted the series "Most Pointless" of 2006 yesterday. I've never liked the Guardian anyway...

5: How many viewers will watch "Flotsam and Jetsam"?

None. They all watched "Everything Changes" instead... Seriously, the show had overnight ratings of 2.4 Million (and offical BARB ratings of roughly 2.6 Million).

6: What are Jack Harkness' first words to Gwen Cooper?

The almighty "What d'you think?".

7: Will Jack have a smooch and/or sex in the first episode of the series?

Nope - although he does get to kiss Caryls in "Day One" (but then again, doesn't everybody?!?)

8: How many men/women will Jack sleep with throughout season one?

Well, it all happened off screen, so we can't be sure - although he definately slept with Ianto. Oh, and he wanted to sleep with the real Captain Jack Harkness (cept he didn't have time!), if that counts. Lets not go into the whole stopwatch issue here...

9: Will Jack and Gwen get together (and if so, in which episode) ?

Nope. Gwen was firmly dating innocent Rhys throughout season one - although she did find time to have a quick affair with Owen Harper.

10: What's Jack's secret revealled at the end of episode one? (This one I know, but I'm not telling! Ha!)

His is immortal and looking for a "special kind of Doctor". Ha, I knew this one for months but didn't say a word!

11: Will Torchwood transfer to BBC One?

Alas no. Instead we got a primetime BBC Two showing, with the promise of Torchwood season two debuting on thats ame network next October.

12: Is Doctor Sato a lesbian?

Maybe - but she'd be a strange lesbian if she fancied Owen, wouldn't she?

13: Is Doctor Sato bi-sexual?

That's more like it! She likes Owen, but is willing to sleep with a female alien too...

14: How many references to "the Doctor", "Rose Tyler" or "the TARDIS" in the first series?

None really, although Jack does refer to "a special kind of Doctor". Why does it take The Sarah Jane Adventures like 10 minutes before the Doctor is mentioned, and still at the end of a 13 episode long run, Torchwood hasn't done the same? Oh, and don't forget (SPOILER!) we heard the TARDIS engines at the end of "End of Days"...

So, in total, I'll give a point if you said "two".

15: How many references to other elements of "Doctor Who" (like the Empty Child incident) in the first year?

We had a reference to January 21st in the pilot; mentions of UNIT throughout; A "Vote Saxon!" poster appears in episode twelve, as does a "Bad Wolf" sign; the Cyberman and Dalek war is alluded to; Captain Jack mentions travelling through time and space; where the TARDIS once stood is now a secret entrance into Torchwood; the Doctor's hand from "The Christmas Invasion" - let me know if there's any I've forgotten. For now though, we'll say eight.

16: Who are the "old friends" posed to return in the middle of the series (Chula alerted us to this) ?

The Cyberwoman and Suzie Costello. I don't think anybody got either of them...

17: Will there be Torchwood Magazine?

As of yet, no. And the cheeky scamps at Doctor Who Adventures haven't even acknowledged Torchwood!

18: When will the first Torchwood action figures hit the shelves?

Nope - although there is already a Captain Jack toy...

19: Will we see any Doctor Who monsters in series one?

A Cyberman! Sorry, Cyberwoman! Wearing high heels! And becoming dinosaur food!

20: Will there be any eventual "Doctor Who" / "Torchwood" crossover?

Excluding "Cyberwoman" there's always (SPOILER!) the conclusion of "End of Days" with the TARDIS noise being heard within the Hub, and Captain Jack then vanishing from sight... Bring on Doctor Who season three!

21: Will the series feature a Russell T Davies style catchphrase (Think Eccleston's "fantastic" or Tennant's "brilliant") ?

(Insert random "F" word here)

22: Will the series end of a cliffhanger? If so, what...?

Haha! Look above at point twenty!

23: Will Jack Harkness and all of his friends survive series one? If not, who will be Torchwood's first casualty?

Torchwood's first casualty was Suzie Costello. Twice.

24: Torchwood: recommissioned for a second season, or not?

Hell yeah!

25: Finally, a fun one: who would you most like to spend a night with out of the Torchwood cast?

Now, that would be telling!

Can I say a a massive thank you to all those readers who answered the quiz back in September. It was an absolute blast reading through your questions... especially the ones for Captain Jack's secret! So near, and yet so far!

In the run-up to Jack's return on Doctor Who, I'll run a second, mini version of this quiz - before I'll unveil a a mammoth "Season Two" 25 Questions session later in the year...

I better get thinking up some real stupid questions...
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