Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Torchwood Archives #3

Each and every Sunday, Torchwood.TV delves into the history of the Torchwood Institute - revealling secrets you never knew before. Folks, "The Torchwood Archives" have been opened...

The following article was recently released from the Torchwood Archives due to the Freedom of Information Act 2004. Some details have been removed for the protection of the British public.

The following is an unpublished letter to the Cardiff Gazette, which Torchwood secretary Ianto Jones apprehended and ensured didn't see the light of day. The letter was forwarded to a Captain Jack Harkness; whom in recent months had developed a keen interest in its writer...

A kind, elderly woman named Estelle Cole:

"I've been a reader of your excellent newspaper for almost twenty years - but I've never been compelled to write in before. The simple fact is I can't just sit back anymore and accept your propaganda campaign against ancient folklore around the Cardiff area - or specifically Roundstone Woods.

Last week, the editorial team decided to run a story that discredited claims of fairies living in the woodland around Roundstone; despite any real evidence in their defence. It is just another media claim to laugh off what they cannot understand.

Earlier this year we had metal men roaming our streets, and gold tanks flying through the air; but still, despite evidence to the contary, the media denied the attacks - and cited either international terrorism, or drugs being pumped into our water stream. I'm no idiot; I know what I saw - we were under attack, no matter what government reports might suggest.

Despite my apparent age I'm clear of mind; and my eyesight's never been better (LaserEye does wonders) - therefore I find it insulting that my life's work goes unnoticed by your reporters. I have clear photographic evidence of the existence of Fairies living in and around the Roundstone Woods area. Proof, if needed, that your reporter - one Cathy Salt - is completely wrong.

Fairies are an extraordinary phenomenon that should be celebrated by all. It's my belief that each and every one of them is a blessing; to be loved and cherished.

All I'm asking for is a little openminded-ness from a regional newspaper. Do not assume that just because something is called "folklore" that it doesn't exist - because it is ignorance that prevents our world from moving forth and achieving its potential.

Your readers deserve a rounded argument. For anybody else interested in the history of fairies, dating back Cottingley, I'm running talks in town over the next few weeks. Come and join me; and ensure that media propaganda doesn't get the best of you.

Mrs. Estelle Cole"

Weeks later the woman was dead - her death, and the mystery of Roundstone Woods, were investigated the Cardiff branch of Torchwood.

The case is now closed.

Further updates on Torchwood will follow every Sunday. Until then, good luck, and remember Torchwood's core values:

"If it's Alien, it's Ours"
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