Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Torchwood.tv Links Page

UPDATE, 2015: This page has now been superseded by this update.


You asked for it, so here it is! A user friendly Torchwood.tv links page; allowing Woodies to share their fan sites. Just write a comment below, and eventually myself or Kurly will update this page and add you to the page properly! But please, remember this is a Torchwood site - so no Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica banter please!

Please note that we're only taking suggestions for our "Reader's Sites" section.

*Torchwood.tv takes no responsibilty for the contents of the below sites - nor does it guarentee that all links are still operational*

Let's Begin, shall we?

Official Sites
BBCi's Torchwood Site
The Torchwood Extranet
BBC South-East Wales Home Page
John Barrowman Online
Channel Ten Homepage

Sister Sites

Sites We Use
GallifreyOne's Torchwood News
The Torch_wood Community
The Torchwood_Three Newsletter
The Torchwood Institute

Sites That Support Us
Unit News' Torchwood Page
DWO's Torchwood Online
Kopic's Who News Resource

Torchwood Resources
Wikipedia's Torchwood Page
Torchwood Episode Guide (TV.com)
Torchwood Declassified Episode Guide (TV.com)
Doctor Who Guide's Torchwood Page
Behind the Sofa Reviews
A Brief History of (Time) Travel
The BBC Press Office (Ocassional Torchwood updates)

The GallifreyOne Forum
DWO's Torchwood Forum
TV.com's Torchwood Forum
Into the Vortex
Leave your comments below

Cast and Crew
James Moran Blog
Freema Agyeman.com
Gareth David-Lloyd Fansite
In The Media
Torchwood Magazine (Coming 2008)
Doctor Who Magazine
SFX Magazine

Starburst Magazine
TV Zone Magazine
Dreamwatch (DWSCI-FI)
DigitalSpy's Cult Section

Commercial Sites
Torchwood.tv's Amazon Page
Telos Publishing ("Inside the Hub", etc)
The BBC Shop - Torchwood Products
Play.com - Torchwood Products

Readers' Sites
Dalek Labs
Torchwood News
Doctor Who Mania
Torchwood Treasures
The TARDIS.com
Bad Wolf PR
Who/Wood Adventures
Totally TorchwoodLeave your comments below

Skepticklish (Kurly's old site)
House of Garnon (jackharkness' site)
Film-21 (jackharkness' site)

Good reading!
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