Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chibnall Lives On Mars...

Apologies for my absense on these very pages over the last couple of days - I've been busy enjoying the highlife. Well, directing the short film "Self" anyroads. You can read all about its development by visiting my Film-21 blog; which focuses on British media (in whatever form) - a site currently looking for recruits incidentially.

The latest installment of the Torchwood Archives is the main casualty of my hectic schedule. Archive seven (which deals with a strange man named Bilis Manger) should be online this weekend. Or if it isn't blame my damn film. It's what I do!

Anybody who watched tonight's excellent episode of Life on Mars will have spotted a familar name in the opening credits; as the episode was scripted by Torchwood's very own Chris Chibnall. And a fine job he did of it too. Over at OutpostGallifrey's forum, fans are throwing a celebration of the event... just not in the way you might expect.

Don't forget boys and girls that next week sees the official DVD release of Torchwood episodes six through to ten (though personally, I wouldn't bother with episode nine...). Unitnews has a neat little preview / review of the set, so get those pre-orders in now. Or do it the old fashioned way; by going to any major shop or supermarket next week and paying by cash. Or am I the only person who still does that? *Feels so old*

Right, I'm off again now. I've got a rather cool stop motion sequence to film that may just feature David Tennant and John Barrowman's action figures taking down a rogue Cyberman. It's best you don't ask. Saves needless confussion that way...
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