Monday, February 26, 2007

The Church of John

No, no - I'm not proposing that us Woodies unite to set up a religion based solely around John Barrowman. That would just be silly (wouldn't it?!?). No, instead I'm hear to pass on a little gem of information regarding an upcoming appearence John's soon going to be making on Channel 4's "Charlotte Church Show".

Readers with long memories will remember the days when it looked likely that Church would land the role of Gwen Cooper (eventually rewarded to the ever reliable Eve Myles). Now the once teen pop idol leads her own late night chat show - and one that Billie Piper guest appeared on just last Friday.

John records his own appearence on March 28th, with the show eventually broadcasting two days later (on Friday 30th March). It's likely that John will have then already started rehearsals on Torchwood season two, and so may drop a few hints on what's to come. On top of that, he's likely to discuss his upcoming return in Doctor Who year three - and any other projects the man's got up his sleeve.

If you're reading this John, I set you a challenge; to mention at least once during the interview. Go on, reward your all time favourite fan site writers, and put a big grin on Kurly's face - I dare you!

Take care folks - and remember that congregation meets for the first time a week this Sunday...
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