Sunday, February 25, 2007

Short (But Very Sweet)

Those lovely people over at have uploaded numerous images of the location shooting currently taking place in Cardiff, for the third season finale of Doctor Who. Now, on top of the photographs we've two short clips; recorded by fans nearby on a very handy camera phone. Yay for them! The clips - although short in nature - can be seen here (and could potentially ruin the very end of episode thirteen, so beware!).

Elsewhere, and it looks like one potential spoiler / rumour has just been confirmed; and by the most unlikely of sources. It's time for that convient invisotext people. On yesterday morning's edition of "Soccer AM" the cast of 'Life on Mars' appeared, although without leading man John Simm. When asked why Simm wasn't there, the LoM answered "He's busy filming" - and went on to claim it was for Doctor Who, where he's playing the Master! It what they say is true, then oops! Pretty big spoiler for so early on a Saturday morning!

And it looks like Torchwood is likely for an October 2007 broadcast after all - with Gareth David Lloyd saying as much during Saturday's Telford 'convention'. Before filming begins in April, I'm told the cast and crew are getting together to record numerous commentaries for the forthcoming "Season One boxset".

One source comments that likely candidates for the commentaries are John Barrowman and the rest of the main cast, Russell T Davies, Chris Chibnall, Richard Stokes and Melvin Murray (along with other guest stars throughout the series). We'll have more news on the series boxset when we get it.

Right, I've an incredibly busy week ahead of me. My short film "Self" is pretty much recorded now, and over the next seven days I'll be working full steam ahead on the film's music and sound. Wish me luck (I'll probably need it!)
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