Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some More Small Worlds...

According to an interview on the all new Dreamwatch site, PJ Hammond is set to return for Torchwood's second season, providing at least one new script.


The writer, as most readers of this site will know, scripted the popular episode "Small Worlds" for season one - an episode which explored the idea of fairies living at the bottom of the garden. It was also one of only a handful of episodes to actually explore Jack's past.

In the interview, Hammond observes: “I was very pleased with Small Worlds. I don’t usually watch things again, but I watched all three transmissions because I was just so pleased with the production. It was a good crowd to work with, too. It’s taken a while because the show has to find itself. So, at the very beginning, none of the writers really knew what they were writing. We didn’t know the shape – so it was a lot of work – but it was worth it.”

He goes on to state about his season two episode, “If I talk about them now I’ll probably lose interest. But I think they want me to keep to the supernatural. They probably think it’s my bag.”

As a big fan of the man's work, and having loved his "Small Worlds" script I have to admit that I'm a little over the moon about his return. Whatever the man's got up his sleeve, after judging his past work, it's sure to be terrifying...
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