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Best of the Best 2007

Firstly, can I say a massive thanks to all 99 people who voted in's first season survey - without you guys, none of this would have been possible. For all the time and effort you all put into your answers, thank you.

Now sit back and enjoy the results (at last!) of's first ever Reader Awards...


There's one clear winner (and loser) - and the rest of the episodes simply hang around the "7" mark...

All results are an average mark out of ten:

1: "Captain Jack Harkness" (9.20)
2: "End of Days" (8.96)
3: "They Keep Killing Suzie" (7.90)
4: "Everything Changes" (7.84)
5: "Out of Time" (7.49)
6: "Countrycide" (7.28)
7: "Small Worlds" (7.27)
8: "Greeks Bearing Gifts" (7.19)
9: "Ghost Machine" (7.14)
10: "Cyberwoman" (7.07)
11: "Combat" (6.84)
12: "Day One" (6.64)
13: "Random Shoes" (5.59)

With the majority of episodes around the "7" mark, it's clear that - on average - Torchwood fans can see that the series is great, but does indeed have its faults; faults that'll have to be ironed out for the show's return later this year.

"Random Shoes" proved to be a real hit and miss episode; with an equal number of people giving it a score of perfect "10" and others who gave it a flat "1" score.

The last word has to go to one reader who simply wrote "I don't care what episode wins... as long as it's not "Captain Jack Harkness" (because of the kiss)". Well, I'm sorry to disappoint all those homophobics reading, but the episode did win - so there!


It could be only one...

1: John Barrowman - "Captain Jack Harkness" (50.93%)
2: Burn Gorman - "Owen Harper" (14.81%)
3: Eve Myles - "Gwen Cooper" (13.89%)
4: Gareth David Lloyd - "Ianto Jones" (12.96%)
5: Naoko Mori - "Toshiko Sato" (4.63%)
6: Kai Owen - "Rhys" (2.78%)

The move from "Doctor Who" to "Torchwood" seems to have been a successful one for John Barrowman, and a less successful one for Naoko Mori (who's character was described as "bland" and "under-developed" by a good few of you). But, at the end of the day, it's John Barrowman we originally watched this show for - and it's an honour to announce his winning.

And for a character who annoyed the hell out of most of you, Burn Gorman as "Owen Harper" didn't do too badly did he...?


Two characters dominated the voting process, and it was a real power struggle throughout. In the end though, Murray Melvin as "Bilis Manger" was pipped to the post by a far more worthy candidate; and it's such a shame we lost her so soon:

1: Indira Varma - "Suzie Costello" (27.52%)
2: Murray Melvin - "Bilis Manger" (25.67%)
3: Daniela Denby-Ashe - "Mary" (9.17%)
4: Paul Chequer - "Eugene" (8.26%)
5: Caroline Chikezie - "Lisa/Cyberwoman" (6.42%)
6: Matt Ripley - "Captain Jack Harkness" (5.56%)
7: Tom Price - "PC Andy" (3.67%)
= Gareth Thomas - "Ed Morgan" (3.67%)
= Lara Phillipart - "Jasmine" (3.67%)
10: Sara Gregory - "Carys" (2.75%)
= Louise Delamere - "Diane" (2.75%)
12: Eve Pearce - "Estelle" (0.92%)

Ok, I realise that I messed up by not including either Matt Ripley or Eve Pearce on the voting form, and perhaps if I had they would have both scored more highly in the poll. Matt, Eve, if you're reading don't hate me! Well, too much anyway...

Murray Melvin's "Bilis Manger" has really caught everybody's imagination. A lot of you commented that the man (previously seen in "A Taste of Honey") breathed new life into the series, and gave it a much needed kick up the bum. Lets hope a rapid return in season two is on the cards...

And poor Tom Price. Until the start of this week he didn't have a single vote to his name. Seriously, I feared a white wash! Then, out of the blue the votes started pouring in for the man; meaning I could breathe a real sigh of relief!


Considering they've only been out a month, 58.5% of you voted in this category. If you've yet to buy/read these books, this rsult might come in useful as to what book to buy first!

1: "Another Life" (56.90%)
2: "Slow Decay" (29.31%)
3: "Border Princes" (13.79%)

Interesting thought... did "Another Life" win because it's the first book in the series (aka, the one most of you are likely to read first?)


Well, it makes sense that the writer of the Best Episode should win this category...

1: Cath Tregenna - "Out of Time"; "Captain Jack Harkness" (40.40%)
2: Chris Chibnall - "Day One"; "Cyberwoman"; "Countrycide"; "End of Days" (27.27%)
3: Russell T Davies - "Everything Changes" (9.09%)
= PJ Hammond - "Small Worlds" (9.09%)
5: Paul Tomalin/Dan McCulloch - "They Keep Killing Suzie" (5.05%)
6: Noel Clarke - "Combat" (4.04%)
7: Helen Raynor - "Ghost Machine" (2.02%)
= Jaquetta May - "Random Shoes" (2.02%)
9: Toby Whithouse - "Greeks Bearing Gifts" (1.01%)

It's pleasing news that all of the four highest placed writers have all expressed a desire to return to the series next year. It's also interesting that "They Keep Killing Suzie" was so highly placed, given the fact that it was heavily re-written by RTD!

The less said about Jaquetta May's script the better...


The one where "Captain Jack Harkness" sweeps the boards...

1: Ashley Way - "Captain Jack Harkness" / "End of Days" (54%)
2: James Strong - "Cyberwoman" / "They Keep Killing Suzie" (18%)
3: Alice Troughton - "Small Worlds" / "Out of Time" (10%)
4: Andy Goddard - "Countrycide" / "Combat" (6%)
5: Brian Kelly - "Everything Changes" / "Day One" (5%)
= Colin Teague - "Ghost Machine" / "Greeks Bearing Gifts" (5%)
7: James Eskrine - "Random Shoes" (2%)

From the word go, Ashley lead the voting. There was no way anybody else would scoop this award! I feel a special recognition has to go to Brian Kelly though. Not only did his episodes launch the series, but week in, week out he also directed the "Torchwood Declassified" episodes.

Sadly, many of you have James Eskrine on your hate list, after an aparently "bland" and "dull" 45 minutes. The man received just two votes and headed straight to the bottom of your pile.

And there you go. Next week I'll post your "Hall of Fame/Shame" comments; and if you're extra lucky, everything you posted in the "Message from the Fans" section.

Leave your thoughts and reactions below - and here's to 2008's awards!
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