Thursday, March 01, 2007

2007...2008 (I'm Confused)

Doctor Who Magazine issue 380 has been released, and it's infamous "Gallifrey Guardian" news section contains some important news regarding Torchwood's second season. Specifically, it names the ladies and gentlemen who are commiting themselves to script writing duty. Here's a quick rundown of Torchwood 2.0's writers...

+ Russell T Davies ("Everything Changes") - 1 new episode

+ Chris Chibnall ("End of Days") - 3 news episodes

+ Cath Tregenna ("Captain Jack Harkness") - 2 new episodes

+ Helen Raynor ("Ghost Machine") - 1 new episode

+ PJ Hammond ("Small Worlds") - 1 new episode

The writers of the remaining five episodes have yet to be revealed...

In other news, the magazine seemingly confirms that Torchwood is set for a January 2008 launch (despite Gareth David Lloyd's comments a few weekend's ago). More news when it becomes available.

Look on the bright side; the scripts for season two are now being written, and the season is finally taking shape - and you've got good old reporting all the latest news, to keep you going through to 2008. Well, I say the bright side...
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