Saturday, March 03, 2007

Horsing Around

Lots of little things to keep you abreast of this Saturday. First a reminder that tonight we have John Barrowman pulling the lottery numbers again at 9:25 and then appearing on Al Murray's Happy Hour an hour later at 10:25pm on ITV.

A new addition on Barrowman's calendar is BBC2's A Taste of My Life on March 13th at 6:30pm. We will get to see if John's amazing talents extend to the kitchen. The new reality show Any Dream will Do featuring JB will start taping saturdays in April. If you are interested in attending the London tapings to see Captain Joseph, I mean Jack, you might get lucky and find tickets here.

In this article by C21 Media covering the selling of Torchwood to Australia, they say the show has now been picked up by 9 countries. Maybe I'm out of the loop, but I count only 5, so not sure who the other four are unless they are counting the separate British nations. Drop us a note if Torchwood is in your country and they've been keeping it a secret from us.

Finally, a horse of a different color. Another honor for the show and Jack Harkness. A racehorse in Maidstone is now named after the Captain. This article reports on how JB will get a chance to meet the young colt called Hucking Harkness at the end of the month.

There you have it, a more eclectic weekend roundup, I doubt you'll find.
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