Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Three's the Magic Number

With Doctor Who set to return to British television screen's this weekend - showcasing Freema Agyeman's debut as Martha Jones - the British media has gone into a frenzy about the show once more, which all came to a head today with the publication of a very special edition of the Radio Times, which has a 16 page 'Who suppliment inside.


The lengthy article includes interviews with David Tennant and Freema Agyeman, but you're not hear to read about them. No indeedy. There's a rather nice episode guide to the brand new series which reveals the mysterious title to episode 13 at long last. Invisotext time, cos I *think* the title itself may just confirm certain John Simm shaped rumours we've been hearing for a while now. The title is "Last of the Time Lords" - which doesn't automatically mean just one person. Dare I say it, but it does indeed look like the Master's back...

Below are Russell T Davies' own short synopsis for the final three episode's of the series - which all feature a certain John Barrowman as Captain Jack... BEWARE, SPOILERS!

11: Utopia
Guest stars: Derek Jacobi
"Jack's back! As John Barrowman's Captain Jack Harkness comes storming back on board the TARDIS - with an arrival like no companion has ever had before - it's time for the TARDIS's wildest ride yet! It hurtles out of control, taking the crew to the distant planet Malcassairo, where a lonely and patient professor is giving his all to save his people from extinction."

12/13: The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords
Guest stars: John Simm, Tom Ellis and Nichola McAuliffe
"The season finale! And the trap closes, as the Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack find themselves in a desperate fight for survival. Who are the Toclafane? What is the power of Archangel? And what terrible secrets are stored at the heart of the Valiant? It's an epic and heartbreaking story, as the Doctor faces his greatst enemy yet. Now, I wonder who that could be...?"

Elsewhere, the SFX Doctor Who Special contains a short interview with Russell T Davies; which seems to indicate that when Captain Jack tells the Doctor he works for Torchwood (episode 12 apparently) the Time Lord isn't eaxctly happy. Well, Torchwood aren't exactly the Doctor's bestest of friends, are they?!?

A source who claims to be at the heart of BBC Wales has once again contacted me, and tells me that plans are underway for a Torchwood soundtrack album at the end of the year, to tie in with season two. Nothing's confirmed, of course - but when more details are released be sure to check back here to learn more about this potentially exciting project.

The source also drops a few hints about the direction of Torchwood season two. Apparently we can expect to see a lot more of Owen, as the Weevil influence begins to take hold of him. What this will mean for his place on the Torchwood team? Your guess is as good as mine (well, saying that, your's will probably be ten times better than my silly guesses!)

One final thing to add to this rather random post; John Barrowman was a no-show on the Richard and Judy show today (to the disappointment of us Woodies). Instead his replacement turned out to be that weird guy off of "Desperate Housewives" with the perfect teeth. You know the one...

Doctor Who: Smith and Jones (as if you need reminding) airs Saturday @ 7pm.

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