Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Moaning Old Minnies"

There's an amusing interview with Russell T Davies from yesterday's edition of the free newspaper "Metro" which has now surfaced online. In it, Russell talks about Doctor Who's imminent third season; the arrival of Martha Jones; and the success (and failure) of Torchwood as a series.

"Are you spreading yourself too thin with Dr Who, Torchwood and now the Sarah Jane Adventures?

No, it’s not like the Star Trek franchise when there were three series on at the same time that were practically identical. Torchwood is clearly for adults and Sarah Jane is clearly for children. We worked hard to keep them distinct but I think three will be our limit.

Torchwood had a mixed reception…

What do you mean, a mixed reception?

Some people hated it.

You mean among online, moaning old minnies? We got the highest digital figures the BBC ever got so, frankly, we were laughing. We’re working on ways the second series can be improved, none of which has anything to do with online forums."

Sometimes, you know, I swear that BBC Wales live in some sort of a bubble; away from online forums and the views of their fans. But still, it looks like the production team as a whole have seen some of the minor errors of Torchwood season one and are attempting to fix them up before next year's series.

You can read the full interview here.
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