Friday, March 23, 2007

Tony's Approval

Last night John Barrowman attended the Stonewall Equality dinner at the Dorchester Hotel where he had a chance to hobnob with Tony Blair. This article in the Pink News covers the event in which the PM spoke in favor of John's and other's civil partnerships.

John has a busy week ahead of him and now you can keep track of it all with our new Torchwood events calendar which you can find in the left column, thanks to Google Calendars. So now you won't forget anything important, like the Volume 3 DVD being released in just a few days! You need to own the complete set afterall.

Another interesting release is called Cult Conversations. It is an audio CD coming out on April 2nd featuring an interview with Gareth David-Lloyd about his involvement in a cult television program. Wow, Torchwood has already achieved cult status! The CD which also features Deborah Watling and Phil Willmott is available only from Fantomfilms. Perhaps Gareth will talk about the news mentioned on his Wikipedia page that he is dating Sara Lloyd Gregory, who played Carys in Episode 2, Day One.

UPDATE: There are lots of potential spoilers about Captain Jack's return to WHO and his backstory in this article in Sci-Fi Pulse. Myself, I think I'll wait until June to find out. You have been warned.

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to get outside, as it looks like next weekend we'll all be parked in front of the television non-stop.
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